Transform your dreary, dated furniture in just a few hours for under $50.00 and get ready for the compliments!

Chalky Paint = No Sanding or Priming  - Just Start Painting!
Easy Wax = No Rubbing or Buffing - No Elbow Grease Needed!
Zero VOC & Non-Toxic Products = No Stink!
MADE IN THE U.S.A. with the best quality natural ingredients!

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Sit & Enjoy

With no prep work needed, Chalky Paints will have you sitting on your stylish furniture in no time.

An Old Frame Revived With Chalky Paint

With Mermaid Chalky Paint, an old art frame gets upcycled into a distressed statement piece.

Old Furniture Made Classic

Barnacle Blue Chalky Paint and Easy Wax Clear make for a beautiful old dresser into a collectible classic look.

Beautiful Blues

With several shades of blue, Chalky Paints are sure to make your furntiure piece into a beautiful statement.


I absolutely love this paint!!! Fun and easy to work with!

Donna Fox ~ Michigan

"We LOVE this paint! Can't say enough about how great it is! Anne is wonderful too, answered the phone personally and gave me some help when I needed advice on how to use some of the paint. Wonderful product, wonderful people!"

Ashley Ann McCarrick ~ New York

Thank you for all the emails, got the table done, it looks FABULOUS!

Vickie Janis ~ Georgia

Paint Chart

38 beautiful Chalky Paint colors to choose from

"Well I am officially obsessed with your product. I have an old table that used to belong to my grandparents it was super beat up but it fits so perfectly in my apartment and is very well made. When I was looking to replace it, I wasn't happy with the quality of the furniture in my price range. Anyway, I am not super crafty but thought I could try painting the table. I wanted to do chalk paint but heard it was really hard to work with. Also many chalk paints are super expensive! I had the additional hurdle of living in a small apartment in the City of Chicago... I don't have room to sand and was also worried about the fumes from paints/varnish, etc. I found your product through a youtube video and thought it was too good to be true... but after I tried it- it was not! Thank you for making this wonderful product- so easy, no fumes, and quick drying- not to mention the table looks awesome! I attached my before and after photos. I used Seagull Chalky Paint with the brown wax and a low sheen marine varnish. Total time was under two hours... It looks gorgeous! I'm telling all my friends and family! Thank you!!!"

Stacia Peterson ~ Illinois

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