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"Well I am officially obsessed with your product. I have an old table that used to belong to my grandparents it was super beat up but it fits so perfectly in my apartment and is very well made. When I was looking to replace it, I wasn't happy with the quality of the furniture in my price range. Anyway, I am not super crafty but thought I could try painting the table. I wanted to do chalk paint but heard it was really hard to work with. Also many chalk paints are super expensive! I had the additional hurdle of living in a small apartment in the City of Chicago... I don't have room to sand and was also worried about the fumes from paints/varnish, etc. I found your product through a youtube video and thought it was too good to be true... but after I tried it- it was not! Thank you for making this wonderful product- so easy, no fumes, and quick drying- not to mention the table looks awesome! I attached my before and after photos. I used Seagull Chalky Paint with the brown wax and a low sheen marine varnish. Total time was under two hours... It looks gorgeous! I'm telling all my friends and family! Thank you!!!"

Stacia Peterson ~ Illinois

SANDING OR PRIMING wood furniture before painting IS A THING OF THE PAST with Chalky Paint. Get right to painting and be done in just a few hours... and get ready for the compliments!

Chalky Paint = No Sanding or Priming  = Just Start Painting!
Easy Wax = No Rubbing or Buffing = No Elbow Grease Needed!
Zero VOC & Non-Toxic Products = No Unhealthy Smells!
HANDCRAFTED IN THE U.S.A. = The Best Quality, Safest, All-Natural Ingredients!

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I absolutely love this paint!!! Fun and easy to work with!

Donna Fox ~ Michigan

"We LOVE this paint! Can't say enough about how great it is! Anne is wonderful too, answered the phone personally and gave me some help when I needed advice on how to use some of the paint. Wonderful product, wonderful people!"

Ashley Ann McCarrick ~ New York

Thank you for all the emails, got the table done, it looks FABULOUS!

Vickie Janis ~ Georgia

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