Don't Sand Or Prime Before Painting Furniture, Cabinets Or Anything!

Thanks for checking out my first Blog. I meet people at my workshops and demo's who are skeptical about my claim of "no sanding, no priming" chalky paint. They are used to the "old school" paint that needs a primer and/or sanding to adhere to anything with a sheen or smooth finish.


One woman came to my paint workshop a couple of weeks ago and brought her bathroom vanity cabinet doors to paint. We had spoken on the phone before the workshop and I told her that no prep was needed before painting them. She arrived at the workshop with sanded cabinet doors. She told me that her husband insisted on sanding them because "there's no way to have paint stick if you don't sand first!". Not only did he not have to sand those cabinets, but the paint actually would have worked better if he hadn't! The reason is, she ended up using more paint because the cabinet doors were more porous from being sanded and soaked the paint up like a sponge. And she was getting bleed-through onto her new paint because of old stains seeping through.

Do you have something that needs to be painted to bring it back to life? You will love skipping the sanding and/or priming steps and getting right to the FUN part of painting and transforming your drab piece into a work of art!

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  • Can you paint laminate kitchen cabinets….. And what finish would you recommend?

    Tammy Brown

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