Bathroom Cabinets Are Transformed Into A New Clean & Crisp Look

My friend Dana had dark bathroom cabinets that had water damage on them and she was wanting a new look. She chose to paint them with Seagull Chalky Paint.

Here is what the cabinets looked like before getting painted.

Dana did a step that she did not have to with Chalky Paint, and that is she did not need to remove the doors or the drawers. The whole idea of using Chalky Paint is it is quick and easy. No sanding or priming is needed and you can even paint right over the hinges so doors don't need to be removed. Even the handles can be painted with Chalky Paint.

Seagull Chalky Paint is a true white that brightens cabinets and furniture that you want to freshen up. Look how much better these cabinets look with a fresh coat of Seagull on them. 

In just a few hours, you too can transform dreary, worn or dated cabinets without having the drudgery of having to sand, prime or even remove the doors or drawers before painting! Chalky Paints & Finishes makes your DIY paint project so quick and easy. 

To protect from water damage and to maintain the bathroom cabinets, Dana used Marine Varnish in a medium sheen. The Marine Varnish comes in low, medium or high sheen depending on your preference. Just brush on the Marine Varnish and it dries in 30 minutes. 

I think Dana is planning on putting new hardware on this newly painted bathroom vanity. What would you do? Leave the cabinets and drawers without hardware as shown in these pictures, or would you put hardware on?

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