I Tried To Bring This Piece Home In A Stroller!

On my way back from a dentist appointment, I spotted

this corner hutch laying down by some trash cans. 

It was a quick glance and I thought it would be easy to

go back and haul it home on our stroller. When my

husband, grandson and I went there to pick it up, we

quickly realized there was no way it would

fit. We went back and got it with the car and I was

ready to get to work! I chose to paint it Sandcastle

which is a nice taupe with tones of gray. 

After painting it Sandcastle, I distressed it a bit with

my Made in the USA two-sided sandpaper and then

finished up with a coat of Easy Varnish

I love that this is a corner hutch and the scalloping on

the edges are adorable!

Keep a look out for those hidden treasures laying by

the side of the road that are just waiting to become

your next DIY project!




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