New Metallic Paints added to Chalky Paints & Finishes Line

Bronze Metallic Chalky Paint

I am definitely not a girly girl! I choose to wear my paint under my nails, not over! I am not into "bling". Wearing shimmery clothes or jewelry would make me feel like a little girl playing dress up! 

With that being said, I do love mixing Chalky Paint with Metallic Paint. In 2017, the trend has moved toward melding metallics with paints, furniture, wallpaper and other decor. Whether you choose Chalky Paints Silver, New Gold, Black, Pearl Gold, Bronze or Copper Metallic Paint, you will be able to create a piece that becomes unique to your taste.

I found a small table that caught my eye because of its' multiple drawers.

My first step was to take off the hardware. What? Who would glue a red velvet drawer liner inside the drawers that block access to the screws to remove the hardware? Okay, plan B, keep the hardware on and paint right over it. 

I started by painting the entire piece with two coats of Chalky Paints Coral Reef paint. A coral tone popping through the Bronze Metallic Paint that I applied on top was the look I was going for.

Then, I sanded all of the edges to get that Coral Reef paint to poke through. This process created a rich, aged look. Do you like a more modern Metallic look? Just apply Chalky Paints & Finishes High Gloss Marine Varnish over your choice of Chalky Paints & Finishes Metallic Paint for a sleek contemporary look. 

Here's my completed paint project! Get going on yours!

Metallic Bronze Chalky Paint Dresser

Metallic Bronze Chalky Paint

Metallic Bronze Dresser

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