Signs Of The Time

My friend Janet has a group of friends that have been friends for 57 years. She wants to give each one a gift to remember their get together next weekend. She asked me to make signs. 

Making signs are easy and a great way to make decor items that are personal.

I used Glaze with the Chalky Paints to keep the paint separate and to get nice blending of the Sea Glass, Paradise Blue, Sea Cove, Barnacle Blue and Aquamarine Chalky Paint I used. 

The more you brush the Glaze and Chalky Paints, the more the colors are blended in. I used 5 Chalky Paint colors but you can use as little as 2 Chalky Paint colors along with Glaze and still have a really artistic look. I did a couple layers while the paint was still wet. Each time I would add the color I wanted to stand out more. 

After the paint dried, I stenciled the location of Seal Beach and the year 2017 to remind the group of friends if this years reunion. I then sanded over the lettering to give them a more aged and worn look. The shells that are nailed on I collected from Huntington Beach. It is best to use thin nails and gently tap a nail in through the inverted part of the shell. Once you have that hole you can use that hole to nail the shell on the board. I took other shells and wrote their names on them with a Sharpie marker. I then diluted the Chalky Paint with water and brushed it on those shells and then wiped the paint off where the names were. Those shells were glued on along with a piece of twine. I wrapped twine around the edges. Eye hooks were installed on top and twine inserted as the hanger. 

Here are the 5 signs that will be a great way to remember the reunion of 5 friends that have been friends for 57 years. 


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