Sonja Has A New Lease On Life!

Meet Sonja, a dresser belonging to Cynde, one of my Chalky Paints customers. Her husband was sanding Sonja down when Cynde let him know that was not necessary. In fact, Chalky Paint performs better when the piece being painted is not sanded before painting, 


Cynde first applied Paradise Blue Chalky Paint. 

The detail on pieces from the 1900’s are so beautiful.

Before presenting the new Sonja to you, please read what Cynde wrote to me after finishing her DIY paint project:                               

"It's a dresser from 1908 and I used Barnacle Blue and Paradise Blue like you suggested for my base teal color, I dry brushed Seashell and Sea Mist on the teal and applied Easy Wax Brown and Marine Varnish Low Sheen, boy was it fun to see her come into her own! I have to admit I was a little scared with the Seashell and Sea Mist green dry brushed on...but she's been waiting a long time for a new look and I love how she came out!!"

And here’s Sonja... 

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