Stain & Sealer Saved This Table From Going To The Dump

An employee at Ganahl Lumber had brought her dry and weathered patio table in to see if there was any way of salvaging it.

I told her about my new Chalky Paints Stain & Sealer and she asked me to try it on this table. She gave me a sample piece of her new deck material and asked me to match it. 

I used Chalky Paints & Finishes Mahogany Stain & Sealer and Walnut Stain & Sealer in layers to get almost an exact match to the deck material.

What dry and lifeless wood pieces do you need to refresh? This non-toxic, Zero VOC Stain & Sealer is the safest and easiest way to bring new life to wood fences, furniture, decking, raw wood and much more!


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