The Tale Of Two Ugly Tables

These two tables were just hanging around my local consignment store for quite some time waiting for someone who could see what they could become with a little Chalky Paint! That someone was me and home they went!

I wanted to keep them both the same color so that they could be used together. The tops of the tables were pretty marred as you can see.

Sand Dollar is a great color to use when you don't want pure white but still want a nice neutral tone. Sand Dollar has a slight tone of gray which looks really fresh and crisp! It was time to paint right over their worn surfaces without having to sand or prime! 

Painting with Chalky Paint is so easy! Before painting I just wiped the dust off each table with a little water on a rag. Then, painting began! The paint dries in 15 minutes and I was able to have both tables painted with two coats of Sand Dollar and a coat of Easy Varnish in under an hour! 

Here's a better look at the fun, crisp look that comes from Chalky Paints & Finishes!

Chalky Paints Table
Chalky Paints Table

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