You Can't Paint My Little Red Wagon!

Bill's wife came home with this wagon years ago. It has been on their front porch all of those years and Bill said the wagon has been used to display pumpkins as well as Christmas decorations. As you can see, the sun and weather had taken its' toll on the once red paint.

Bill works at one of the stores that sells Chalky Paints & Finishes. He asked me if there was any way to stain the wagon with my Lobster Red rather than paint it. The wagon is well over 100 years old and Bill wanted to refresh the color without losing the authenticity of the wagon. By adding water to Lobster Red Chalky Paint I was able to come up with a stain. We applied the Lobster Red stain and found that the wood soaked up the stain like a sponge. It took three to four coats of stain but it was a quick project since we did not have to wait to apply more coats. 

So Bill might have sung "you can't ride in my little red wagon" but he definitely was glad we stained it with Chalky Paints Lobster Red!

Here's a plain slat chair...

The slat chair was given a nautical look with some Lobster Red Chalky Paint and stenciling and dry brushing with Sandy Beach Chalky Paint

What do you have that would look great painted Lobster Red?

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