Made In The USA Paintbrush Pack - Chalky Paints & Finishes

Made In USA Paint Brush & Sand Paper

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The Wooster Brush Company was established in 1851 and is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of paint applicators in the USA. The Wooster Shortcut 2" nylon/polyester paintbrush offers a full sized brush head provides good paint capacity. The angled brush tips add precision to your project. Manufactured in the USA. Flexible Shergrip handle measures only 2 1/4 inches long that adds maneuverability in tight spaces. Brass-plated steel ferrule. White nylon and gold polyester blend makes it great for Chalky Paint.

Made in the USA since 1919, Hardwood Products Co. is a supplier of quality wood items. Offering ice cream sticks, corn dog sticks, wooden skewers, wooden toothpicks, wooden spoons, wooden utensils, wooden craft sticks and more. Their manufacturing plant is located in Guilford, Maine. All of their woodenware is made from Northern White Birch. This wood is chosen and milled for its light color, smooth surface, tight grain, and tensile strength.
You can count on them for consistent quality and fast turnaround of our standard products.
Manufacturing, packaging & shipping all under one roof!

At Epoch Wood, their passion is to work directly with you to design and build custom wood works that perfectly fit your needs and individual taste. They use various contemporary wood working processes in their craft and guarantee that their designs will stand the test of time.
They are always looking for ways to minimize how much sanding they have to do, and when they do have to sand, they are always looking for easier ways to do it. They've been making 2-sided sandpaper for over 10 years now as a solution to the frustrations of hand-sanding. They've found this to be a great solution. Having grit on both sides makes it stick to your hands while you are working your piece. It never slips. It conforms to corners, bends and curves. It's much easier to use than regular sandpaper, even when you are wearing gloves. Their sandpaper is made in the USA and assembled in Shepherdsville, KY. I know you will love it.