How-To Videos

After painting a piece with Chalky Paint, you can put a coat of Quick Crackle over it and let dry. Then choose a contrasting color to paint on top. The crackle process begins immediately so you will not want to brush over and over in one place. You will see the bottom paint layer poke through the cracks. This is a great way to bring age and character to furniture, cabinets, mirrors or frames.


This process will make your piece into a work of art and help you obtain a driftwood, ombre, or beachy streaked look. The Glaze keeps each paint color separate and prevents the paint colors from melding together. To create this look, use Glaze with at least two Chalky Paint Colors. The more colors you use, the more dramatic the effect.


The easiest way to paint kitchen or bathroom cabinets without having to sand or prime first. Select your choice Chalky Paint. Make sure the cabinets are wiped down with a damp cloth. Paint one thin coat and wait 15 minutes for paint to dry. Apply a second coat of Chalky Paint. If desired, distress the edges using a 60 grit or lower sand paper and “rough up” the sides of  the painted piece. Finish piece with Marine Varnish available in Low, Medium, or High Sheen.


Paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets without having to sand or prime first. Select your choice of Chalky Paint. Finish with Easy Wax Tinted Wax in Black, Brown, Pearl, White or Lime Wax.


Using Chalky Paint is the easiest way to get your DIY (Do It Yourself) project completed quickly and without the hassle of having to sand off the existing finish or use a primer first. Apply a thin coat of Chalky Paint and in just 15 minutes you will be ready to apply the second coat. Finish your piece with Easy Wax Clear Wax for a nice smooth finish that enhances your paint color and protects your piece with a nice Matte finish. For a Satin Finish, use either Easy Varnish for indoor use or Marine Varnish for cabinets or outdoor use.