Golden Oak Stain & Sealer 8 oz. - Chalky Paints & Finishes

Golden Oak Stain & Sealer 8 oz.

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Love the look of stained wood but hate the stink? Golden Oak Stain & Sealer is the solution. No odor and no sanding required before applying to previously finished or raw wood. Brush on or wipe on with a cloth. Wipe off excess stain with cloth for a lighter look or add layers for a deeper look. Sealer is built right in for protection. Made in the U.S.A., Zero VOC (No Volatile Organic Compounds), conforms to ASTM D6886, Non-Toxic and hypoallergenic. Water based for easy soap and water clean up. For added protection, finish whole piece with Easy Wax Sheer, Easy Varnish. For outdoors, kitchens and bathrooms use Marine Varnish.