Hermit Crab Chalky Paint 16 oz. Covers 75 sq ft!

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Skip sanding, priming, breathing in toxic fumes or waiting long periods of time for drying to occur and get right to painting. Hermit Crab Chalky Paint is made in the U.S.A., Zero VOC (No Volatile Organic Compounds), conforms to ASTM D6886, Non-Toxic and hypoallergenic Chalky Paint that is incredibly easy to use. You can skip having to sand or prime first (even over high gloss finishes) and get right to painting! This is possible because of the high quality, pure acrylic and natural pigments used in this thick-bodied, rich Chalky Paint. You will be saving time, effort and mess. Water based for easy soap and water clean up. Your projects will be a breeze to complete! A jar of Chalky Paint covers 75 sq. ft., that's plenty to do a large dresser, table, desk etc. Ideal for use on furniture, raw wood, fabric, metal, plastic, concrete or just about anything you care to redo, recycle or upcycle. Use indoors or outdoors.

To finish your painted piece apply Easy Wax Clear with a wax applicator to protect and enhance the color. If you are dreaming of distressed Vintage charm, apply Chalky Paints & Finishes Tinted Wax first to your painted piece and then finish the whole piece with Easy Wax Clear or Easy Varnish. For a more Contemporary style, use Chalky Paints & Finishes High Gloss Marine Varnish over your painted piece. For an Industrial look, apply Chalky Paints & Finishes Pearl Tinted Wax or any of the Metallic Paints first. For outdoor use or kitchen and bathroom cabinets use Marine Varnish. The various looks that can be achieved are endless so let's start bringing your ideas to reality.